Because of the narrow density window of offshore HTHP gas wells, complex situations occur frequently. The borehole size of target stratum is small, and there is no available conventional casing size. In this situation, wells can only be completed with open hole completion, and the production test method can only use open hole test. There are many problems in the open hole test of offshore HTHP gas wells, such as poor thermal stability of drilling fluid, high requirement of pressure and temperature grade of test tools, easy buried of pipe string in the open hole section, barite precipitation of high density testing fluid, poor pressure transmission performance of high density testing fluid after long-term static, and the risk of sealing failure of packer. In order to solve the above problems, by adjusting the performance of test fluid, replacing conventional packer with permanent packer, installing mechanical ignition device, optimizing the test process, and formulating a reasonable test system to ensure the success of open hole test. Through the above measures, China firstly achieve the success of open hole test in the offshore HTHP gas well, which accumulates the experience for open hole test of HTHP gas wells, and opens up a new way for releasing productivity of low porosity and permeability reservoirs.

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