The key technology system of acid-fracturing was established to solve the problem of the productivity decrease of carbonate Hydrothermal System due to reservoir damage. Well A of Beijing Shuangqiao geothermal field can be seen as a good model: A multi-index pre-fracturing assessment method, including productivity index, reservoir damage index and permeability index, was proposed; the acid-fracturing technology, acid fluid system and treatment parameters were determined on the basis of laboratory tests, numerical simulations and log interpretation; and then operation pressure was analyzed; finally the effect of well A stimulation was evaluated based on multi-index analysis and numerical simulation. The results of evaluation shows: The productivity increased by 59.51%, the production increased by 48.83%, the near-well damage was completely removed, the permeability increased, and the economic social benefit was significantly improved. So acid-fracturing technology is an effective method to improve the physical properties of geothermal reservoirs and joint natural fractures. However, there are still great differences between geothermal wells and oil and gas wells. It is necessary to design an optimal acid-fracturing construction scheme considering the geothermal well characteristics.

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